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Related post: Staff included: Name Affiliation Dr. Harry Malech NIAID Dr. Helene Rosenberg NIAID Dr. Lisa Pascopella Albert Einstein University Dr. Pamela Small Middlebury College, Vermont Dr. Patrick Cieary University of Minnesota Dr. Richard Friedman University of Arizona Dr. Craig Bloch University of Michigan Mr. Steve Porcella University of Montana 20-4 HONORS AND AWARDS Dr. Claude F. Garon Served as Chairman, State Board of Governors, Center of Excellence in Biotecfinology, Montana Science and Technology Alliance Served as Faculty Affiliate - Division of Biological Sciences, University of (Montana Served on Internal Advisory Committee, Purchase Ditropan Xl Online Electron Microscopy Facility, University of Montana Served as Chairman, Montana Governor's Focus Group on Biotechnology, Montana State Department of Commerce Sen/ed on Ph.D. Dissertation Committee, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Texas. Served as Program Chairman, Biochemistry/Medicinal Chemistry Section, 47th Northwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society Served as Chairman, Research Track, Lyme Disease 1992 State of the Art Conference, Stamford, Connecticut Served as Chairman, Session on Genome Structure, Molecular Biology of Spirochetes, Annecy, France Invited Speaker Department of Microbiology and Immunology, West Virginia University School of Medicine, Morgantown, West Virginia Department of Microbiology, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas Molecular Biology of Spirochetes Conference, Annecy, France Division of Biological Sciences, University of Montana Montana Science and Technology Buy Cheap Ditropan Xl Alliance Entrepreneurship Forum Generic Ditropan Xl Luncheon Speaker, Big Sky, Montana Reviewed Manuscripts Journal of Clinical Microbiology Dr. Tom G. Schwan Invited Speaker Annual Meeting of the Northwest Mosquito Vector Control Association, Missoula, Montana University of Montana, Missoula, Montana Molecular Biology of Spirochetes, Annecy, France 20-5 Tufts. New England Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts Annual Meeting of thie Entomological Society of America, Reno, Nevada Annual District Rotary Meeting, Dillon, Montana Vancouver General and Children's Hospital, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Lyme Borreliosis Foundation Meeting, Stanford, Connecticut Veterinary Research Laboratory, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana Gundersen Clinic, LaCrosse, Buy Ditropan Xl Wisconsin First International Conference on Tick-borne Disease, St. Paul, Minnesota Committee/Board Appointments Executive Council, American Committee of Medical Entomology National Scientific Advisor, American Lyme Order Ditropan Xl Disease Foundation Editorial Board Journal of Clinical Microbiology Organization Committee, First International Conference on Tick-borne Diseases Reviewed Manuscripts American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Journal of Clinical Microbiology Journal of Immunology Journal of Medical Entomology Infection and Immunity Proceedings of the International Academy of Science Dr. Witold Cleplak Jr. Invited Speaker University of Arizona, College of Veterinary Sciences, Tucson, Arizona Reviewed Manuscripts Infection and Immunity (Editorial Board Member) Journal of Immunology Dr. Willy Burgdorfer Invited to present guest lecture "Ein Jahrzehnt nach der Entdeckung des Erregers der Lyme Borreliose" at the 45th Van Swieten Congress of the Austrian Physicians, Vienna, Austria. Invited to present guest lecture on Lyme Borreliosis at the Department of Dermatology, Bern, Switzerland. Participated in ceremonies to receive Honorary Doctor Medicine Degree at the University of Marseille, France. 20-6 Invited to present lecture "Status of Lyme disease as a global illness," Medical Faculty, University of Ivlarseille, t^arseille, Purchase Ditropan Xl France. Invited to present lecture on "Epidemiology of Lyme disease: at the NIAID-sponsored Conference on Emerging Microbes and Microbial Diseases, Washington DC. Presented Course on Tick-borne Diseases in the Northwest to 55 Forest Service Buy Ditropan Xl Online Employees, Missoula, Montana. Presented lecture on "Global Perspective of Lyme Disease: at the Lyme Disease 1992 State of the Art Conference," Stanford, Connecticut. Invited to serve as Chairman at V International Conference on Lyme Order Ditropan Xl Online Borreliosis, Arlington, Virginia. Invited to serve as Moderator and Speaker on "Lyme Borreliosis: Ten Years After Discovery of the Etiologic Agent, Borrelia burgdorferf'a\ the Lyme Disease 1992 Conference, LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Served as instmctor at 42nd Acarology Summer Program, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Invited to present lecture "Lyme disease: a global perspective" at Ohio Department of Health, and Columbus Health Department, Columbus, Ohio. Continued serving as Co-Editor of the book "Aspects of Lyme Borreliosis," 29 chapters, Springer Verlag (in press). Dr. David W. Dorward Invited Speaker
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